A colleague here at UNC asked me the other day if I could scrape the follower counts of the 500+ congressmen who are on currently on Twitter. Using the Twitter GET API, this was enough. Here are the results, with the outlier of John McCain who leads at well north of a million followers, the distribution looks pretty even.


As of November 25th, 2012, the average congressmen had 16,034 followers. Not too shabby, considering their are just a finite number of twitter followers who have over 10,000, and most of those being celebrities. Below are the top 50 Congressmen, by followers. If you’re data inclined, or you’d like to peak at the full list of users (retrieved from CSPANs official Twitter listdownload the excel file here>>.

SenJohnMcCain 1,791,293
SpeakerBoehner 390,148
RepPaulRyan 323,671
NancyPelosi 264,851
johnboehner 213,231
MarcoRubio 208,763
RepRonPaul 195,698
MicheleBachmann 163,260
DWStweets 156,664
JimDeMint 145,557
SenSanders 126,368
AllenWest 108,812
VP 106,438
alfranken 105,688
EricCantor 92,175
clairecmc 82,578
Senate_GOPs 78,868
SenatorReid 72,974
SenRandPaul 66,845
DarrellIssa 66,251
ChuckGrassley 59,845
TomCoburn 53,551
SenGillibrand 53,142
JohnKerry 50,159
ChuckSchumer 41,017
RepMikePence 38,121
ThadMcCotter 37,370
HouseDemocrats 36,618
jaredpolis 34,926
keithellison 34,441
MarkWarner 34,012
JohnCornyn 33,297
jasoninthehouse 31,055
JoeLieberman 28,024
SenBillNelson 26,085
GrahamBlog 24,756
WhipHoyer 24,352
SenSherrodBrown 23,633
USSenScottBrown 23,621
robportman 22,363
SenatorMenendez 20,973
RoyBlunt 20,259
SenatorBoxer 20,025
SenatorCollins 20,005
kevinomccarthy 19,579
SenatorDurbin 19,563
LuisGutierrez 17,469
MarkUdall 17,321
RepTomPrice 16,776
johnculberson 16,076


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